Eyebrow Threading

At Mira Beauty, we have been offering eyebrow threading services since our establishment. Our expertly trained staff will make sure that you will leave looking amazing. You can trust that our services are affordable and safe. We can offer the efficient, fast, and dependable services you are in need of. Threading eventually takes out every single hair from its root leaving longer lasting results with a cleaner finish. Our licensed practitioners may go over the same area several times without irritation as only the hair is being targeted.

Mehndi And Henna Designs

We only utilize our finest quality of all natural henna. All of the professionals in our unit have years of knowledge and experience as expert artists are practicing henna and Mehndi art. Along with that, they undergo special training for bigger ceremonies to make sure that they are able to execute their work beautifully as well as precisely.

Waxing Specialist

From head to toe, the professionally-skilled estheticians at Mira Beauty can provide you a waxing treatment that is both luxurious and affordable. We take excessive care when executing our waxing services and are certain to protect the elasticity and health of the skin while making certain the final consequence is beautiful and smooth.